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Daniel: God’s Greatness and Sovereignty

Historical, 1-6
Daniel’s Victories
Prophetic, 7-12
Daniel’s Visions
Nebuchadnezzar, 1-4Belshazzar, 5Darius, 64 beasts & the Ancient of Days, 7
Daniel’s convictions, 1Daniel’s confrontationDaniel’s constancyRam & male goat, 8
Daniel’s competence, 2Daniel’s prayer & Gabriel’s revelation of 70 weeks, 9
Daniel’s companions, 3Concerning Persia
& Greece, 10
Daniel’s compassion, 4Concerning the kings of the North & South, 11
Great Tribulation & Resurrection, 12

Major characters

  • Daniel (“God is my judge”); name changed to Belteshazzar (“Bel protect the king”)
  • Hananiah (“The Lord is gracious”); name changed to Shadrach (“Command of Aku”)
  • Mishael (“Who is like the Lord?”); name changed to Meshach (“Who is what Aku is?”)
  • Azariah (“The Lord is my helper”); name changed to Abed-Nego (“Servant of Nego/Nebo”)
  • Nebuchadnezzar (“Prince of the god Nebo” or “Nebo protect the crown”)
  • Belshazzar, “Bel protect the king”
  • Darius (“restrainer or supporter”) the Mede
  • Cyrus (“sun”) the Persian

Major themes

  • Prophecy
  • Greatness of God
  • Sovereignty of God
  • Omniscience of God
  • Future events
  • Pride of man
  • Angels

Christ in all the Scriptures

  • Messianic kingdom, 2:44-45
  • One like the Son of Man, 3:25
  • Messiah the Prince, 9:25-26

Visions in Daniel

Great Image,
4 Great Beasts,
Ram & the Goat,
head of goldlion with eagle’s wingsBabylonian Empire
chest & arms
of silver
bear with 3 ribs in its mouthram with
2 horns
Medo-Persian Empire
belly & thighs of bronzeleopard with
4 wings and
4 heads
male goat with large horn; horn is broken and 4 notable ones come upGrecian Empire
legs of irondreadful & terrible beast, different from all the others; iron teeth &
10 horns
Roman Empire
feet partly iron,
partly clay
another horn,
a little one;
3 of the first 10 plucked up by little horn
Revived Roman Empire
Destroyed by stone cut without handsOne like the Son of Man coming with clouds of heaven, given an everlasting kingdomMillennial Kingdom of Christ

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