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James: Pressing on to spiritual maturity

A. The trials of life produce mature faith, 1:1-18

  • Greeting, v. 1
  • Embrace your trials with joy, vv. 2-4
  • Ask God for wisdom, vv. 5-8
  • Accept your situation with contentment, vv. 9-11
  • Distinguish trials from temptation, vv. 12-18

B. Mature faith responds to God’s Word, 1:19-27

  • Mature faith is attentive to God’s Word, vv. 19-20
  • Mature faith is receptive to God’s Word, v. 21
  • Mature faith acts on God’s Word, vv. 22-27

C. Mature faith transforms our attitudes, 2:1-13

  • Our attitude to others must be shaped by Christ’s attitude, vv. 1-4
  • Our attitude to others must be shaped by God’s values, vv. 5-7
  • Our attitudes to others must be shaped by the royal law of love, vv. 8-13

D. Mature faith transforms our actions, 2:14-26

  • He challenges mere profession of faith, vv. 14-17
  • He calls for clear demonstration of faith, vv. 18-19
  • He cites biblical examples of active faith, vv. 20-26

E. Mature faith transforms our character, 3:1-5:12

  • Controlling our tongues, 3:1-12
  • Conducting our lives with practical, heavenly wisdom, 3:13-18
  • Living humble, contented lives, 4:1-10
  • Not judging one another, 4:11-12
  • Living in dependence on the will of God, 4:13-17
  • Living justly and humbly, 5:1-6
  • Living patiently in anticipation of the Lord’s coming, 5:7-12

F. Mature faith transforms our prayer life, 5:13-18

  • The need for prayer, vv. 13-14
  • The power of prayer, vv. 15-16
  • The example of Elijah, vv. 17-18

G. Mature faith restores sinners, 5:19-20

  • The danger of wandering from the truth
  • The joy of restoring sinners to fellowship
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