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Nehemiah: Rebuilding the walls

Return under Nehemiah, 1-7
Rebuilding the Walls
Return of the Exiles, 7-13
Rebuilding the People, 8-13
Return of Nehemiah, 1:1-2:20Record of First Return, 7:4-73
Rebuilding of Walls Begun, 3:1-32Reading of the Law, 8:1-18
Resistance to the Work, 4:1-6:14
   – Mockery, 4:1-9
   – Discouragement, 4:10-23
   – Oppression, 5:1-19
   – Conspiracy, 6:1-14
Repentance of the People, 9:1-10:39
Rebuilding of Walls Completed, 6:15-7:3Repopulating Jerusalem, 11:1-36
Religious Leaders of the Return, 12:1-26
Rejoicing at the Dedication of the Walls,
Reforms under Nehemiah, 13:1-31

Major Characters

  • Nehemiah (“consolation of Jehovah”), son of Hachaliah, cupbearer of the king, appointed governor of Judah
  • Artaxerxes, king of Persia/Babylon (464-424 bc), son of Ahasuerus (Xerxes) and Vashti
  • Sanballat (“hate in disguise”) the Horonite official who opposed Nehemiah
  • Tobiah (“goodness of Jehovah”) the Ammonite
  • Ezra (“help”), a scribe who led second return from captivity (Ezra 7-8), and was used of God in bringing revival to Judah (Neh. 8)

Major words/phrases

  • pray, prayed, prayer (12x)
  • “good hand of my God”
  • The Law (19x)
  • work (19x)
  • remember (8x)

Major themes

  • Prayer
  • Sovereignty of God
  • Perseverance under persecution
  • Revival
  • Reforms
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