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Ruth: Faithfulness

Faithfulness Demonstrated,
Faithfulness Rewarded,
Famine in the land,
Her redeemer,
Faithful in her dealings with Naomi,
Her genealogy,
Faithful in her dealings with Boaz,

Major characters

  • Naomi (“my delight, my pleasant one”)
  • Ruth (“friend, beauty”)
  • Boaz (“in him is strength”)

Major themes

  • Kinsman-redeemer

Christ in all the Scriptures

  • Kinsman-redeemer

God overruled the affairs of her life until she was brought face to face with the one who was to become her redeemer.

From this point on the story moves swiftly. She was taught by Naomi to put herself at the feet of Boaz and ask to be redeemed, ask to be put into the family. Then she was bought by Boaz, according to the redemption laws of Israel, and made his very own.

One does not have to look very far to see how all this pictures our own redemption. First, God takes the initiative and begins to move behind the scenes to bring us into the presence of His Son and under the sound of His word. He teaches us the simple plan of redemption and makes us willing to ask the Lord Jesus to become ours and to make us His. Then He shows us the redemption price has been paid at Calvary and, unworthy as we are, He lifts us up and makes us His very own.

John Phillips, Exploring the Scriptures

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