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The Names of God

ElohimStrong OneGenesis 1:1
El ElyonMost High GodGenesis 14:22
El OlamEverlasting GodGenesis 21:33
El ShaddaiAlmighty GodGenesis 17:1
AdonaiLord (Master)Joshua 5:14
YahwehI am the One who isExodus 3:14
Yahweh JirehThe LORD providesGenesis 22:14
Yahweh NissiThe LORD is my bannerExodus 17:15
Yahweh ShalomThe LORD is peaceJudges 6:24
Yahweh SabbaothThe LORD of Hosts1 Samuel 1:3
Yahweh MaccaddeshcemThe LORD your SanctifierExodus 31:13
Yahweh RaahThe LORD my ShepherdPsalm 23:1
Yahweh TsidkenuThe LORD our righteousnessJeremiah 23:6
Yahweh ShammahThe LORD is thereEzekiel 48:3
Yahweh ElohimThe Lord God of IsraelJudges 5:3
TheosGodMatthew 1:23
KuriosLordMatthew 5:33
DespotesLord/MasterActs 4:24
PaterFatherJohn 4:24
Based on chart from Ryrie Study Bible (NIV) page 1793
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