Getting the Big Ideas

In this series, we want to briefly survey the major doctrines of the Bible. Some people get a little worried when you mention doctrine either because they think it is unnecessarily academic or because they think it is too controversial. But as Christians, it is vital to understand these big ideas that the Bible teaches, and as we will see, most doctrines in the Bible are not based on single passages but rather result from collecting what the Bible teaches on a particular subject, classifying that data, and presenting it in concise statements.

This series is intended to be a very brief introduction and perhaps at a later time we can go into these teachings more deeply. We will be looking at nine major doctrines of the Bible, as follows:

  1. Revelation
  2. God
  3. Christ
  4. The Holy Spirit
  5. Angels/Satan
  6. Man/Sin
  7. Salvation
  8. The Church
  9. The End Times

We hope you find this series helpful. If you have questions, please contact us via our About page.

The doctrine of Revelation
The doctrine of God
The doctrine of Christ
The doctrine of the Holy Spirit